Looking back at 2020

31. December, 2020 3 min read Personal

Looking back at 2020

2020 hasn't been short on events. We added multiple environment support at Divio, with a bunch of fantastic UI improvements. My studies at FHNW finally started after a year of preparation, and of course, Corona disturbed all our lives.

To finish the year, I summarise what I’ve been doing at work, school and otherwise in this article. For my sanity and everyone else’s; as bullet points 😅.

Working hard

  • We added multiple environments, customisable services, new views, better logs, changelog, a lot of automation, and many more UI improvements to Divio Cloud.
  • We upgraded django CMS to support Django Version 3 and above plus released django CMS 3.8.0 along the way.
  • The django CMS Association was founded with support from many other companies to lead the future for django CMS and its ecosystem.
  • Corona didn’t spare our company, so we had to say goodbye to some great team members and friends.
  • I have been working at home for about two days a week in the past. Corona changed this to full-time home-office. It sounds great on paper, but I like to be at the office at least once or twice to get out of the house.
  • I also teach at HSR (now OST) and recreated most of the material for the lectures that year with success.

Learning again

  • I completed the preparation course to join FHNW’s bachelor programme successfully.
  • Now Studying Computer Science and almost finished my first semester without any significant issues.
  • Passed the initial evaluation tests to join the English electives (highest grades) and got additional free ECTS points 😎.
  • Also, Corona isn’t much fun here. Even though we started the first days on campus, the latter half was remote.
  • Played Badminton at school at first, but again, Corona 🤮.
  • Grateful to all other students and new won friends, making it through this difficult time.

Personal achievements

  • I published my website and a blog post every month!
  • Started to record a journal about my days to create this summary ultimately 👍.
  • Began with new morning and evening routines that help me to be a bit more efficient.
  • A tropical sickness plagued me for weeks, that wasn’t fun.
  • Had some great financial success investing in companies, might start writing about that in the future.
  • Was able to read again about 50 books this year! Looking at less though in 2021 as studies will consume more time.
  • Neglected Anki and Udemy this year to focus on other things, let’s see if I can get that back on track 2021.

A big thank you

I want to thank everyone who helped me at work, at school or privately to have a good 2020. Especially Jasmin, my better half, who got me through some rough times. 2021 looks good so far, and I might have a ton of new updates by the end of it, looking forward to some big changes!

‘Till next time!